hiking: crêt de la goutte (1621m) again

Today, I am headed back to Crêt de la Goutte, to share the trail I hiked with Ania a few weeks ago with Derek- a short drive for a pretty long hike. I tend to underestimate the Jura, but it offers some challenging trails without making a trip to the Alps. That's exactly what we needed today - proximity - so we could enjoy a restful morning, mounds of French toast, and then get around to hiking. I was hoping for a clear view across to the Alps, but the clouds really like to hover around the summit. We mostly followed the same route, but shifted towards Collonges for a tamer descent.

On the way down, I was excited to show Derek the elfin forest trail along these tucked-away cliffs, a path that seems to be seldom used and really beautiful. From there we diverted from the route I knew, and after a few guesses on the correct direction, found signposts to lead us back to the start near Fort l'Ecluse.



With the first of the fast Canton races now behind us. Derek and I planned a long ridge run for the Ascension holiday to slow things down a notch, and add some miles, tougher footing, and a challenging ascent. Our 15.5 mile loop stated at Tiocan and followed the level forest road out to Crozet before the real fun began- the straight shot up under the telecabine. After the tough climb, we ran across the three highest summits of the Jura chain, closely clustered,  Grand Cret (1702m), Crêt de la Neige (1720m), and le Reculet (1718m) before continuing further along the ridge and dropping back into the forest to descend. The rocks were pretty slippery in the hail (hail again), but ridge runs are always fun.


hiking: le reculet (1718m)

Giving no more than 15 minutes notice, we hijacked Laura's relaxing Sunday morning plans for a loop to Reculet...up for anything! We made a quick climb, headed southwest along the ridge, and wound back down. In the day's spirit of spontaneity, we joined their picnic at Source d'Allandon, roasted goodies over the fire, explored the trails, and played by the water for the rest of the afternoon. A few snapshots from the morning:     


caves ouvertes

After rainy, but still great, Caves Ouvertes the past two years, we were so excited for a  sun filled, perfect, blue sky, wine tasting day in the vineyards. We headed out early on foot to make a first stop in Essertines as the caves open at 10am.  

Maybe it was the generous pours, but waylaid by tasting in the garden at the first domaine, we had to hustle along the vineyard roads to the meet-up point to continue the day with friends and a parade of scooters and bicycles.

A few Choully stops, a feast of wild boar, classic cars and cameras, poor little Eliot's trip to the ER, bike swapping, tree climbing, more tasting, and finally sprawling on the grass in Peissy. We had  a bottle or two stocked for after the tastings finished, and held our position on the lawn longer into the evening. As the crowd disappeared, Derek and I still had the beautiful walk home in the vineyards ahead of us.  


santanyí: bakery and beach

Some of our travels around Majorca

It's time to say goodbye to the island today, but not without another early morning trip to the beach (when did we become early risers?). Packing up and heading south before our afternoon departure.  

But first, a stop in Santanyí to visit a vegan bakery. Oh, I've waited all week to get to La Coca Loca. We were waiting at the doors for the shop to open, grab all the goodies we could handle, and take them down to the beach. If we find ourselves back in Majorca, I will be here everyday for the veggie-stuffed crust pockets, and carob brownies. (We also circled back through on the way to the airport, so I could eat a week's worth of vegan goodness before departure).  

Adiós, beaches and sunshine. 


es trenc & colonia de sant jordi

We weren't waisting any of this beautiful, sun-shinny day, our last full one in Majorca, so back down to Es Trenc this morning to recline among the naked Germans and swim in the sea. In the afternoon we decided to celebrate vacation with two whole liters of cava sangria...that's how I ended up shipwrecked in the dunes.  

After recovering from vacationing a little too hard, we went to Colonia de Sant Jordi and walked toward Cap de Ses Salines, three hours along empty, gorgeous beaches as the sunset.