run: aiguilles rouges

Today we ran the part of the Aiguilles Rouges trail. What a gorgeous morning! I planned to tag along with the guys just to get to the mountains and head off on a hike while they ran. Instead, we stuck together, and I was happy for the company. I've had a rough time with the extended "rest," and was ecstatic to finally try a test run. 

Starting from Servos, just after sunrise, we made a 16 kilometer loop that reached Lac Pormenaz at it's highest elevation. The route had everything from chains, ladders, stream crossings, rocks, mud, snow, and slush. I was nervous about overdoing it, but my Achilles seemed to do okay- not 100%- but it was so much fun (can rest tomorrow).   

The sun came out while were were by the frozen lake, and after a few photos, we turned toward Mt. Blanc for some snow running before the trail dropped back into the woods and all the way back down to town. Thanks Derek and Xavi for the awesome run!    


not-so-black friday

Val and I made a quick trip up and down in the Jura this morning. The clouds were thicker, but we still managed to get above them after we dodged the loggers on the trail. I made a second loop up on my own, and stopped to sit in the sun before dropping back into the fog a second time. Ski season seems far off since there isn't a trace of snow here and very little accumulation on the Alps. Despite the warm temperatures all November, there was a cold wind along the ridge this morning, so maybe winter white is on its way. Cross your fingers and toes!   



Derek and I have been in the states for the past two Thanksgivings, so it was strange not to be home for multiple gatherings. We had a regular Thursday here until joining friends for an evening feast. Jess made a huge turkey and we had all the sides. The boys made us each a place mat for the the table (so cute). We have lots to be thankful for, especially our families and friends near and far, and three kinds of pie, too. Happy Thanksgiving.


above the clouds

It was a damp, foggy morning in the valley, a little tough to get moving, but after stopping by to watch a bit of the kiddos' soccer matches, we headed to the Jura again to chase the sunshine.  

We had a nice walk, and sat for lunch above the clouds. I showed Derek the trail I took yesterday, and we made our way down another variant that will be great for running loops. Finally, we dropped back into the darkness and drizzle below the cloud cover and slid our way down the last bit of soggy trail. Still no running for me, but it's been great to get up here :)


double up

Today I had more time in the mountains. Val and I met for an early ascent, happy to break through the low clouds and into the sunshine.  

After our quick hike, I headed back up for a longer loop, and found myself on a different trail. It didn't open exactly where I expected, but I scrambled up a grassy slope to the ridge and met a familiar route across the top to le Reculet.

I had the chance to trudge through the remaining snow and sludge along the ridge while listening to a man practicing his Alp horn from the summit. It must be interesting to carry one of those up! 


midday mountain

I couldn't resist heading to the Jura on a clear, sunny day, so I squeezed in a quick trip between morning yoga and getting to the pottery studio in the afternoon. I didn't have much time once I reached the trail (since I went wandering in some cow fields first), but enough to make a quick climb and enjoy the view before heading back down.