le reculet and beyond

At the Narderans, almost there.

Today I set out for a solo trek up to Le Reculet. Once I reached my goal, I decided to spend a little time along the ridge before decending, since I was all the way up there anyway. I ended up visiting Cret de la Niege, which is the actual highest peak in the Jura Mountains as of a remeasure in 2003, pronouncing it 1 meter taller then Reculet. From there I continued along the ridge until I realized I would have to double back to make my way down and home. Although it was not as clear as I had hoped and horribly windy, I had a great day, a good climb, and only saw two other solo hikers (they were both faster than me and at least twice my age). I even did a bit of trail running-mostly downward- to help get ready for ski season.

Lunch break.

The black dots are grazing chamoix.

Still climbing.


Le Reculet


At  Cret de la Niege and looking back at Le Reculet.


Erie Jurassic overlook.

Hoping a chamoix doesn't fall on me on my way back down.



I got slightly soaked walking back from the grocery store this morning, but after lunch, writing, and a bit of art-making, the gray haze cleared, and I discovered that the rain that got me was snow in the mountains. I, like many other people in the town, went out for a little walk to enjoy our first snow, dramatic lighting, and rainbows. I'm glad we weren't at the summit today.


le reculet

Marked with a large metal cross, Le Reculet is the second highest summit in the Jura range at 1719 meters (second only by 1 meter), and directly above our town. After about 3.5 hours of steady climbing, we reached Le Reculet for stunning views of the parallel Alps and the valley between. We also got to see what is on the other side of the Jura (more fields and ridges) since we live in a bowl and can't see over the encircling mountainous rim. It was a great way to start November and a gorgeous day for a long hike. Our legs were good and tired by the time we got back home, not 15 minutes before dark. We scarfed some hot food and rested our tired legs. Can't wait to make this hike again!

Along the way:

Anyone planning to visit us, bring your hiking boots, oh and start training...