zurich nye

Derek and I have been couch-ridden the past three days with awful colds, but this morning we were both thankful for clearer heads and a little more energy to make our way to Zurich. Less than a three hour train ride, we're finally getting around to visiting this lovely Swiss city. We arrived just after noon and spent a few hours wandering the city streets in the warm sunshine. 

 Derek with falafel in front of the Opera.

Careful not to tire ourselves too much, we sat near the lake to watch the passersby, stopped for an early dinner, and then wandered some more, admiring the holiday trees and lights glowing in the old town. We headed to our hotel and tried to catch a short nap before taking the tram-bus-walk to the starting line of tonight's big adventure, the Neujahrsmarathon, a midnight start for the world's first official marathon of 2014. 

Nude Year side note: Not to be outdone by last year's naked hiker, today we watched a man jump into the lake, in the middle of a city.

Wishing you a fresh start for 2014, however you choose to achieve it.


jura snowshoe

Happily, the rain in the valley fell as snow just a little higher up. Today we went searching for a little bit of white Christmas, snowshoeing in the Jura.

Up from Crozet and a little beyond the Catheline ski station, there was fresh, deep powder. So much fun to tromp through.

We took a little break for sunshine and cocoa in the snow.


it's christmas!

Coming down the stairs, Derek and I were both a little surprised by the quiet magic of Christmas morning, the first time we are spending the day here in our little house. We started with homemade vegan cinnamon rolls hot from the oven and plenty of coffee and candle light. It was a dreary day outside the window, but comfy and inviting on the couch for a day of stockings and gifts. I love a slow Christmas morning in pajamas, sitting by the tree with good treats! 

We made an early dinner of mashed potatoes, stuffing, brussels sprouts, butternut squash soup, and a bit of turkey for Derek left from a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with friends. For the evening, we settled beside the tree to talk with family and friends at various times in their Christmas day. With some {v}eggnog and hot-buttered rum, we snuggled up for watching It's a Wonderful Life.

I sure hope you are having a warm and cozy day too. Merry Christmas!


jingle jog

The holiday break is off to a great start. We've been preparing treats and drinks, and already had a few dinners and parties. This morning we put bells on our sneakers and made a 10k loop through the vineyards, fields, and forest roads with a super energetic running buddy. It was a beautiful, sunny day for a fun run.  


here comes the sun

After a week of dense fog, a few hours of sunshine is a rare treat. The roads and trails have made for slick running, but it's been fun. I'm feeling a little bit crazy for how much I've enjoyed the cold fog, but today reminded me how great a little bit of sunshine feels. With the first hint of light, Derek and I set off for a Saturday of wandering, hoping to see the ice a bit more before it all melts in the sudden sun. In a few hours of walking, we seemed to pass through three seasons of color and light. Remember blue sky? It's been a full week since we've seen that. 

It's warm in the sunshine. A December picnic on the river before going back into the winter woods.

We heard a black woodpecker call, and found a sweet little, mossy nest.