the main event

 (above photos by Brock Hall)

Amber and Brandon's wedding at the farm! It staid cloudy to finish up decorations and table settings and then the sun came out on cue for the ceremony. Amber was brought in on Bruce's mule-drawn carriage (like we did 6 years ago).  Everything was beautiful.

Tents and lanterns, fresh flowers, and of course everything under the giant oaks.

Family photo op:

The beautiful bride and dancing into the night under little white lights.

Okay, I should back up a little.  The house was wedding central since before we arrived, bustling with planning and tying bows and cleaning and organizing (and my favorite- picking up apples as they dropped from the trees so that we wouldn't smooch them all- a chore everyone forgot about the day of the wedding- oops). Lots to be done, even the mother-of-the-bride sewing the wedding dress! Everyone's hard work made the day very special and seamless. I even got to help make bouquets and put on make-up (this was harder than I thought, so I'm glad for the assistance). Lots of friends and family members pooled their talents to make this a celebration we will all remember.  Congrats A & B.


going home

We're headed to Chicago for Derek's sister's wedding and planning to see lots of friends and family.

Bye France- see you in 2 weeks.


le tour de france

So, the tour is awesome! I can't even believe the strength and endurance of these riders! Saturday, (after our own mini-tour de France) Derek and I went out near Station Des Rousses, just on the other side of the Jura from us and watched as the neared the finish of day 7.

Crazy calves.

Sunday, the tour passed within biking distance so I rode down to watch the tour speed by again. I rode just a bit of the tour route about 40 minutes before the rides came through and stopped to cheer the race just over the Pont Carnot where they crossed the Rhone. I got a used water bottle tossed by one of the riders! I was excited. Here was the route for day 8:

I watched from near the "5" mark on the map. As they came down from the Jura and just before beginning the insane climbs in the Alps. Follow le tour!

*Derek skipped out on Sunday's tour de France to do a 189 kilometer tour du Lac Lemon with two friends. (apparently they were too quick for me to keep up- actually, I know it's true- they are fast). I should post the post-ride photo of Derek passed out in the kitchen...but I'll be nice. Good riding boys!