hiking: refuge du folly (1560m)

Today we headed to the Alps for an afternoon hike. Starting in the town of Samoëns, we spent a little time in the center and explored the botanic gardens (a hike in itself).  

After a little stroll, we made our way from Samoëns to the trail to reach Refuge du Folly at 1560m, up the Haut Giffre Valley, sopping by blue glacier streams along the way.

Up we go.

As much as we wanted to continue the hike, we still had a descent and a drive home to get to packing and preparations to leave for Barcelona in the morning, so we just took a little rest to enjoy the view and the sunshine before making the trip back down.

Cows in the road...and homeward bound after strawberries and white nectarines from the farmers market in town as everything was wrapping up for the evening.