I fell in love with the Alps after moving to France in 2009. Growing up near flat Chicago, it took some years to build the strength, confidence, and experience that unlock the freedom and bliss of running in the mountains. We are like bison trying to become bouquetin. Now, there is nothing more natural than to bound down a mountain over rocks and snow through the fog and rain or to enjoy those blue sky days in the wildflowers. I like the challenge of pushing hard on a relentless climb and the reward, not only of a great view, but of each step that carries us higher... and of course finishing the day with a long downhill dance.

I became a mountain runner because I was always excited to see what would be around the next corner or over the next summit, and then learned to enjoy the speed and technical challenges. I have a contagious passion for the mountains and love to help motivate and encourage others in their adventures. I am excited by the feeling of community that comes from tackling challenges together, and I am happy making friends in the mountains while training or racing, building relationships from mutual respect of nature and the desire to play.

If I'm not running, then I am skiing, doing yoga, or baking something to share with friends during an outing. Or I might just get caught being lazy with my kitty, Pinot.

My husband, Derek, is a runner too. We've been married a long time, and we still like each other a lot, so we've definately got that going for us. Occasionally we race together, and often against each other. It's good to have some friendly competition in the house, but firstly, we are each other's biggest supporter. #teamstrom

This summer, we are both preparing for the Skyrunner Extreme Series. Three races that will be a challenge for their distance, elevation gain, and technicality. I am excited!