in the jura

Today I went hiking with my new 10 year-old friend (we'll also get a chance to spend a few days at the pool while he's in town). We took a full day hike up into the Jura mountains and found all sorts of bugs and flowers and even a chamoix grazing nearby. Unfortunately I know zero Italian, but he could speak enough English for us to get by, and now I know cima - summit that kept us hiking upwards.


fin de classe de français

Today was the last lesson for our second session of French classes. We celebrated double- the end of class and our teacher's birthday (surprise Tulay!) We ate tons of goodies:

And then came the whip-cream battle. I don't think Derek won this one...



Sweden was magical. A quick trip- planes, trains, trucks, touring. We made our way via Copenhagen to Lund for Tyler's graduation with a full hour to explore before the main event. Besides the ceremony, we were also able to join in on a celebration dinner for the class and families. Congrats Tyler!

Then an early train north to Vara to meet up with relatives for chatting, touring, and of course lots of eating. We stayed in this little summer house on the farm:

More touring, more family, more eating and then the return train ride back to Lund before our next-morning departure back to Geneva and straight on to French class from the airport. I think we did and saw as much as possible in a weekend. Sweden is beautiful with rolling green fields, red barns, chubby Swedish babies, big sky, quaint houses, old wooden churches, and warm hospitality that brightens the dreary June weather. Well that's the gist of it. Maybe I'll get back to adding a few more details and photos, but for now... (a handful of photos on FB)