a fall fell run

After second-breakfast (pumpkin muffin-tops and an extra soy latte), we decided to brave the clouds and head out for a run in the Jura. We stayed close to home since the sky threatened to rain at any moment, and made our way up from Farges into the clouds and onto the ridge. I got distracted by the mushrooms and moody fog, but we managed to put in sixteen miles between photo stops. We spent the afternoon chasing, bursting uphill, barreling downhill, and some walking over rocky trail, wet grass, mud, and a stretch of road on the return. 

Our run was a great break from the road and lighter trails. We didn't think about reaching a set distance or maintaining a pace since the footing was often difficult and slick. We just had lots of fun and stopped to enjoy the view...whenever there was a break in the cloud cover.

We were feeling tired and soggy on the final run/walk intervals making our way back from Tiocan, the low point of the run, geographically. The energy low lurked a few miles ahead, but thinking warm thoughts about the soup and cookies waiting for us at home kept us moving.