I'm starting off my two week countdown before heading home for the holidays. Derek left for the States on an early flight this morning and I headed off from a sad departure at the airport to do some painting. I've got lots to do before I fly away too. Bon voyage Derek, see you mid-December.



Another beautiful autumn day here. It's been a warm and dry fall. Today's wanderings took us through some Swiss fields and vineyards.

The fall colors are nearly finished, but brilliant in the fading sunlight.

Headed homeward through the vineyard above LaPlaine.


happy thanksgiving

Tonight we joined a big group of friends to celebrate American Thanksgiving. Between the numerous expat families, we came up with all the feast essentials: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie...Derek and I even assembled the Anderson traditional candie turkeys- thanks to a special package of candy corn (for the heads) that arrived just in time.

Happy Thanksgiving.


walking westward

We had fun wading through the city crowds yesterday, but I don't think there's anything I enjoy more than long, Sunday walks in the countryside.

Headed west, southwest from our house to see where we end up. Hi cows.

Hope you had a sunny Sunday in your neck of the woods too.



Today we decided to hop over to Lyon, walk around, visit some shops, look in windows, enjoy the pre-holiday crowds in the city.

We found some cocoa and a warm place to sit, but best of all, we stopped into a beautiful shop to take care of one gorgeous, silk Christmas present.

Night lights, walking by the river.



Barcelona was fun. Good energy, good food, color, sunshine.  We spent lots of time walking, wandering, as usual, through Barcelona's wide promenades and narrow side streets.  


 Window shopping:

Overlooking the city from hilltop parks and the hotel roof:

 Watching construction of the Sagrada Familia cathedral:


We saw two fantastic photography exhibitions:

 Yea, Claude Cahun! This was a special treat to stumble upon.

Vegan eating can be a bit tricky and tiresome while traveling, but Barcelona was an exception. I feasted. Twice we spent our evenings at Sesamo, a vegetarian restaurant, and enjoyed a seven course tasting menu, with descriptions of the yummy, seasonal dishes, from the amazing chef. Our first night here may have just been the best dinner I've ever eaten, ideal all the way to the cozy atmosphere. Pumpkin , macadamia, miso soup; organic brown rice risotto with mushrooms and white truffle oil; beer-soaked mushroom tart with rosemary and pistachio cream; eggplant curry, warm pecan-stuffed figs with mushroom powder...I'm making myself hungry.

Gopal was our other go-to eatery, vegan burgers and bakery. I had donuts, and cake, and even a cinnamon roll! On day we grabbed our burgers and ate them on the beach.

We had a great morning walking through the Park Guell:

Enjoying lots of Gaudi:

One of my favorite parts was spending a day at the beach.

We went for a long run along the boardwalk, and after spent the day watching the waves, and warming our faces in the sun.

The sun was great after the past rainy week, and felt extra special being warm in November.

We also stopped into a few cathedrals, mandatory in European cities I think...

Our final morning we saw the magical interior of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia cathedral.

The morning light was glorious.

Details from the exterior:

We also saved enough time before our flight to (yup, grab burgers one more time) and take a walk through the Olympic park, By up the stairs to the enormous art museum-which will be on our list for our next visit- past Mies van der Rohe's reconstructed pavilion, and through beautiful gardens.

After some tight scheduled site-seeing for our last few hours, we were off to the airport, and back to Geneva.

¡hasta luego, Barcelona!


en route

High speed rail to Barcelona...