I'm a bad, flat-footed, under pronator, and wear the soles off my shoes faster than I can replace them. I think this is why my foot started hurting a few weeks ago (back in April already) and my ankle swells anytime I use it. Since I've had to take a little break, I've been busy obsessing over new shoes, strengthening my weak ankles and arches, and fixing running form. I went for a test run today (after 2 more weeks resting)...it's not really better, but the run didn't make it worse. I'll take that as a good sign.


hiking: le môle (1863m)

There is still a lot of snow up in the mountains, but we're ready to start with some lower elevation hikes. (I've heard some resorts might open for the novelty of skiing the first weekend of June...there's that much snow). We can't wait any longer to start the hiking season, so we went for an easy afternoon hike to the summit of Le Mole - through fog and flurries.    

Daffodils and snow together on the slope.

There should be spectacular views of the Alps from the summit, but we were trapped in a cloud when we got there. We waited a bit, our fingers froze, but the clouds cleared enough to enjoy some of the view over the valley. The trail would be a good training run, so we'll plan to come back, when the visibility is a bit better.


caves ouvertes

I look forward to Geneva caves ouvertes all year. As far as best-days-ever, it ranks up there with Christmas. This year, despite the unseasonal cold (39 F when we started) and my lingering sickness, was still pretty great. We weren't waiting for the doors to open at ten in the morning as we usually do, but wandered down to Dardagny after lunch for a few tastings. The rain didn't dampen our enthusiasm so we walked to the Essertines for sampling at two wineries we hadn't tried before. We took one final glass to accompany the walk home through the vineyards. 

Getting rain in my wine. Santé. 


missing may

Between bad weather, injury, and the most horrendous sinus infection I can possibly imagine, I'm getting a bit stir crazy. At least the trifecta hit all at once - it might be the only way to keep me resting in bed - waiting out the rain, icing the foot, and quarantined from spreading germs. After over a week of bad tv, stale pajamas, and three boxes of tissues, I couldn't wait anymore to go outside and get some exercise, even though my teeth and cheekbones still hurt. I've been a big wad of sickly complaining, but I think it's nearly passed. Fingers crossed.  


chamonix run

Today was so cold and wet, but late in the afternoon, the sun came out and we ran along the river trail in Chamonix. I've given my sore foot two weeks rest from running (something happened about a week before the Geneva half), but an easy trail along the valley seemed like a good place to test the foot and my new trail shoes. Shoes passed, foot didn't.



Saturdays seem to be especially rainy this spring, but we squeezed in a few hours hiking and watched the gliders near Chambrey after the search for new running shoes.


more colza

More colza, another walk. Taking it easy on a sore foot.


swiss walk

Mostly cloudy, but at least it's not raining. The colza fields are magnifique!



We returned from Crete just in time for the two perfect days of magnolia blossoms. Since then, apple and apricot blooms, wisteria, lilacs, and the pink tree in the middle of town have all taken turns to flower and leaf. It has been a rather gray, cold, and rainy spring so far, but the very few clear days have been absolutely lovely. 


geneva half

We're lucky to have a beautiful, comfortable running day for the Geneva races. Anna, myself, Derek, and Laura ran the half marathon this morning (above photo cred: Dan van der Ster) . The race spent a few kilometers in vineyards outside the city before dropping along the lakefront, winding through some city blocks, and finishing on the Pont du Mount Blanc in front of the Jet d'Eau. Way to go team!

 I was really excited to drop 11 minutes from my last (only other) half marathon time six months earlier.