a warm week and saturday hike in chamonix

Alpine view hiking in Chamonix

This past week has been pretty warm. I have been swimming to keep cool. We also had several apartment visits, but are still looking for the right place.

Today was a cooler, pleasant day, so we drove to Chamonix and spent the day meandering through the town and hiking up the mountains. Chamonix is an hour on the highway from our apart-hotel. It is a bustling ski town with tons to do and lots of windows to look into at sausages, sky supplies, and sweets. We joined the crowds of tourists wandering through the town streets, but really enjoyed heading up the mountains on the steep, quiet trails, in the refreshing mountain air. It was a great day and the first Alpine challenge for our legs.




Trail with a view

Derek enjoying the breathtaking view of Mt. Blanc

Kim climbing some boulders over a little stream

Resting in town after the hike before returning for the evening


We Made it to CERN!

After a busy weekend of packing and moving, we left Chicago's O'hare airport on a KLM/Northwest flight to Geneva at 4:15 PM August 5, 2009. A stopover in Amsterdam and a 7 hour time difference later, we landed in Geneva, Switzerland where we were greeted by our good friend Tim. Tim got us to the rental car facility, to Saint-Genis, the town we'll call home for the next month, and of course CERN. We ate lunch on the outdoor patio of the CERN cafeteria where we sat in awe of Mount Blanc (the tallest peak in the Alps at just over 15,000 ft). After a quick coffee and a tour of the main CERN buildings, Kim and I got our CERN identification cards. We checked into our hotel in Saint Genis, unpacked, took a short nap, then walked around the town to get ourselves oriented. We grabbed a few groceries at the nearby food mart, and had a small dinner on our balcony. Now, after being up for over 32 hours, it's just about time for bed.

Visit with Grandma Strom before leaving for the airport.

Final goodbyes to Tyler and Amber outside the International Terminal.

The view from the airplane as we entered Geneva, Switzerland. The first look at the Alps.

Murals everywhere in Saint-Genis, France.

Round hay bails and the Jura Mountains.

Kim in Saint-Genis.

Derek enjoying some French bread and cheese.