happy halloween

I had a beautiful walk to Saint-Jean-de-Goneville to lend a hand with the Trunk-or-Treat event (although I was sans-trunk). Can't get enough of the turning colors.

Super Mario Benelli Bros:

I was a garden gnome, although maybe a dwarf works better beside Snow White. There were some awesomely decorated trunks, scary costumes, excited kiddos, and even fireworks! Happy Halloween. 



Today I tagged along on a trip to visit the ruins of Avenches, the ancient capital of Roman Helvetia (1st century B.C. to 5th century A.D.) Jude unearthed a not-so-ancient artifact from the amphitheater- a hubcap to carry around. 

In town:

Before our trip, I had a beautiful walk through the vineyards this morning on my way to Thoiry.  


jura journey

I can't pass this sunny opportunity to spend the day hiking in the Jura...even after yesterday's race. Derek left me at the Thoiry marie on his way into the lab, so I had the day to wander upwards. My legs felt fine, so a half-marathon distance hike wasn't such a crazy idea after all. I decided to connect a small section of the ridge that I haven't done before between two familiar routes, and approach le Reculet from another vantage. This was a longer, more gradual climb than heading straight-up the main trail, and I had it all to myself. 

It was so windy out of the trees, but I ducked close to a boulder to sit and enjoy the view for a while before continuing along the ridge.

Approaching le Reculet:

I came down the typical route, via la Narderans, which was very busy. Lots of us with the same thought - enjoy the warmth before it's gone.

Down in Thoiry, looking back toward the Jura - it seems like we've run out of sunshine for the day. Those clouds came in fast. Off the mountain, I headed straight to the grocery store...that person with muddy shoes, windburn, and a backpack.


lausanne half marathon

Lausanne Half Marathon, take two. We woke this morning to a hard downpour, but put our hopes on the forecast claiming the rain would stop by early afternoon (and it did). Luckily, the half marathon start wasn't until almost 2pm. We had better conditions this year than last- it was one of the coldest days of the year- windy and snow-sleeting sideways. This year's race day still had a head wind, but was comfortably cool and overcast. The trains to the start were packed with runners, and we corralled into our blocks at la Tour-de-Praz just before the starting gun. The course back to Lausanne takes the road sandwiched between terraced vineyards and Lac Leman, and passes through a few town centers before finishing at the Fontaine Olympique.

A few screen grabs from lausanne-marathon.com.

The race remembered as the twenty-minute shave...Jess and I both dropped significant time since last year. Look out Derek, I'm trying to catch you!  

Happy runners on the podium- go team! 


sunny saturday

The harvest is nearly finished in the surrounding vineyards, and the hillside is a patchwork of yellow, orange, and peach as the "wine-plants" become less green everyday. For the end of October, it is a very warm Saturday to take a stroll and sun on the rocky river bank. 

There's a threat of thunderstorms and heavy rain coming, but today is perfect. Fingers crossed that the weather isn't too wet for the Lausanne races tomorrow. Until then, more pictures from the vineyard...it's just so pretty.  

So much color with a beautiful blue backdrop.



Today was a beautiful day, from morning fog to sunshine, and a light haze before sunset. The yellow leaves glowed, and I'm soaking in the color every chance I can. I made multiple trips through the vineyard today- met a friend for a walk, went for a run, and carried my groceries home.    

Lots and lots of birds.

Walking with Jess and her boys. We ate at a picnic table fit for giants and visited the donkeys of Dardagny.