trail & piste

I'm really excited for the start of trail season, but as long as we can get to snow, I am doing my best to limit my running and ski, ski, ski. Now we are finding some strange hybrids of mountain activities in the seasonal transition. Today we hiked up (nearly a VK) with our cross country skis to the high plateau at Prarion. About half the hike was grass and mud, and the higher half in the snow.

We changed out our sneakers for skis and boots, and enjoyed the view of Mt. Blanc above Les Houches, following the track. 

On our last loop, I skied through my basket, and landed flat on my face (giggle). But it took some work to free myself. Then for the best part - the run down the slopes. Our skis were awkwardly attached to our backs and bouncing as we bounded down out of the winter and into the springtime.