pointe fine, 2581m

We are running our last summit of the trip, one that we have been looking at all week, Pointe Fine, 2581m. From Jausiers, we begin the 20km, 1400m+ with a steady climb, and after a while, we push through some speed intervals up the switchbacks.

We go for the summit before taking a rest, but it is cold and windy and our legs feel a bit shocked by the knee deep snow in the final stretch, so we don't pause long. 

We find wind block lower down and stop for a nap in the sun  before continuing the descent. Back below the tree line, we push our last kilometers of downhill running, racing each other down at a 20km/h pace on our tired legs, but they are still going (surprisingly strong) and we are having fun, playing and pushing for more speed. 

It is hot when we reach the bottom, and lucky for us, we can enjoy a cold dip before our evening smoothies and dinner routine. Can we stay another week?