jungfrau marathon 2: my marathon

I made it! After 26.2 miles and 1800 meter elevation gain, it feels good to look down, way down on the valley, where the run began, many hours ago. Although I had hoped to finish in less time than last year, today, I am happy to have completed the course (especially after a tiresome week and a half with the stomach flu). This morning I rode the train to the start with a calm-relying on my legs to keep running with no alternative than to reach the top, and luckily, anything that was't leg or lung shut-down for the duration of the race. The first 15 miles passed with ease, then the long climb up the wall,  knee pain, along forest trails, plodding up the morain, and the final downhill careening across the finish.          

I was so excited to hear Derek cheer me on at the finish. Crossing the line:

Tired, sweaty, dusty. Time to head back to the chalet, more pasta, and preparing for round two: Derek's turn tomorrow.