corsica 2: where to start

We woke to birds singing, made coffee, ate under the olive branches as the sun rose above the hillside, lighting the tops of the trees and making its way down the stone sides of the cottage. With a whole island to explore, it was tough to decide where to start - and tougher to decide to leave the bergerie. Off to Porto-Vecchio for the Sunday morning market so that we will have dinner when we come home form our first day of adventures, whatever they may be. 

We wound our way up to Alta Rocca, picnicked in a small town called Carbini, and spent some of the afternoon climbing a pile of boulders at Col de Bacino.

Climbing big rocks:

Back to the bergerie to swim in the fading sun, read books, and drink wine by the pool. We made another simple dinner with salad, fresh basil, olives, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, honey, and an onion loaf from the morning market followed by limoncello and a cup of tea.