sight seeing

Tomorrow we are running the Blåmann Vertical in Tromsø, so today we are sight seeing, a.k.a. running 20km in the mountains! We know that warm sunny days are a rare gift in northern Norway, so we plan to make the most of it. We started on a trail leading away from our camp site, and before long found ourselves in a lush green bowl surrounded by streams and waterfalls and rocky routes upward. 

Nothing tastes as good as cold clean water from the rushing streams, so we stopped often to enjoy a drink.

We reached a snowy patch and run up and slid down - repeated several times for fun.

It's the day before a race, so we don't want to tire ourselves out too much - better take some photo breaks and stop and admire the view.

From the ridge, we spotted a group of reindeer over the other side. Dark dots on the snow- this is as  close as we would get to them on our trip.

A lovely view from the summit of Tromsdalstinden, 1238M. (We didn't know we would be running Sunday's race- or even that it was a similar route, but we were happy to have seen some of the course, especially the rocky descent).

We took another pause to lie in the soft shrubs and enjoy the sunshine before racing through the birch forest and back to camp. Tomorrow is the VK!