pick yourself up, dust yourself off

Today I went out for my last run before Pierra Menta, and I did something I never do - carried water with me - it's that hot out! I also fell on my face (something I do too frequently). I was just jogging along, keeping in the shade, moving a slow, easy pace, and boom - mouth full of dry dirt, bloody knees, elbows, even my hip scraped. The mouthpiece of my water bottle dug into the the dirt- not so helpful for cleaning up, and I had to stay down there a minute in disbelief. Then I pulled up my sad-self, got the grit out of my teeth, and laughed it off. Hopefully I've got the clumsiness out of me before we go to the steep trails this weekend!

Yesterday was great! Yoga. Run. River. Trifecta! Thinking about that calm and cool while I dragged my tired, dirty self home today and started packing for three days of racing.