30km day

I couldn't resist this clear sky to go for a long run on the ridge today. I ran some intervals for the duration of the climb- intervals have become my friend this summer- and a good distraction for passing some hours broken into minute or thirty second pieces.

A few kilometers along the ridge, I found a nice flat spot to eat and take a nap. I love napping during long mountain days, and it helps me spend extra time up high. It's not lazy...it's all part of race recovery!

After my break, I still had a long section of ridge to cover. By the time I reached Catheline, I was starting to feel tired. I started to feel the heat and the tiredness on the dry, dusty descent to Crozet, but I aimed to Laura's house, made a loop around her block to make an even 30km, and sprawled out on her back lawn to finish. This was a great place to end my run, especially since it turned into a fun night of feasting on Indian take-away (thanks Dan!) and chilling on the patio- a fresh shower, and a dip in the kiddie pool too! It's farther for me to run to their house after the move...but I still made it!