retracing the trail

Today we felt a bit more tiredness in our legs, but it was a sunny day, and we are in the mountains, so up we went. We set out in search of the Parsenn cable-car to give us a boost for a higher elevation walk. Somehow we missed the station, several times circling, and continued up. After an hour and a half walking every which-way, we asked a couple who pointed to it down below us, clearly marked with big flags on a main street in town...so down we went to ride back up (maybe we were a bit tired). Luckily our navigational skills weren't this rough during the race. We rode up to the Weissfluhjoch and walked a short while until we discovered that the trail we hoped to take to Strellapass was closed. We rode down to the middle station, and after a short climb, were able to access a gentle panoramic trail that also led to the pass. 

We had a nice walk along to Strellapass where we could retrace some of the race terrain we had traveled in the darkness Saturday night. We reached the pass and looked over the other side. We could see the Weisshorn growing out of the distance, and the long snaking trail that we dragged ourselves up for the final ascent. Even though the run finished just a day before, we felt like we were returning to a significant place from a distant memory.   

The Weisshorn, upper left, (below photo). A tough summit to come up and over.

Remember coming up this section? We knew we were getting close to finishing the last climb.

Derek on the Irontrail...so steep.

Enjoying the view from Strellapass.

Since we were on the trail, we decided to relive the descent to Davos from the pass, the final 5km. Lovely in the daylight. Today's wandering added twelve more miles to our post-Irontrail tally...resting and recovering. We took a few wrong turns, but pieced together the route and landed back in town, going all the way to the finish line, now just a park with no sign of the weekend's adventure.