a few hours after

After a cold walk back to the apartment, hot showers, and winding down, we finally got into bed around 3:30 for some sleep before heading out again this morning to watch runners from the longer races come across the finish line. We didn't hang around long after our finish, were a little tired and cold, so it was fun to spend some time, cheer, and hug the giant mammut. Some of the T141 and T201 runners finished their incredible races while we were watching. Such an inspiration! The men and women who finished these races encountered rain and cold and two long nights on the trails.

We reconnected with a family of amazing runners that we met waiting for the bus to the race start, and saw throughout much of the course. We joined them for a relaxing patio lunch and recounted our race adventures. Our legs felt surprisingly good, so Derek and I took a short lift and went for a light walk, admiring alpine flowers around Schatzalp, above Davos.