hiking: Tour de Mayen (2326m)

Today is another beautiful sunny day, and we are headed to the Vaud Alps to hike Tour de Mayen (2326m) from Leysin. The start of the trail out of Feyday led us gradually into the climb on a wide easy trail lined with colorful wildflowers, but reaching the base of the tower, the ascent becomes steeper and finally offers chains to help with the last section to reach the summit overlooking Lac Leman, and an incredible panoramic of the valley stretching out to the Jura and Alps on all sides. 

Not ready to be done for the day, we deviated from retracing our route downward, adding a loop to Tour de Famelon (2138m) and descended via it's karst terrain- that was fun, but required careful footing. 

Headed home, into the sunset.