getting there is (more than) half the fun

Our ski bags are packed and waiting by the door, but today, again, it is too warm for snow to fall. Once we accepted another day without skiing, we remembered the Escalade parade would march through Geneva this evening. We'd have just enough time to walk there (if we left right then, and moved quickly). We followed a series of trails along the Rhone that wind through the forests all the way to Geneva, an annual walk reserved for a day that we don't make it to the mountains. Today was a good day for it, even if it did rain for most of the sixteen mile trek.

It was just becoming dark when we stepped off the trail and into the lit city streets. The rain finally stopped, but our jackets had soaked through and we started to feel the chill of night (still warmer and drier than Iceland in July we reminded ourselves to keep things in perspective). We ran into friends waiting for the start of the parade, and soon the procession of fancy costumes, musicians, torches, and animals passed through the crowd. A quick bite to eat, have a seat, and catch the train back home.