the day after

We all managed to pack onto the train after the race for the long ride back down to Interlaken. We ate and shared some drinks with Dan and Laura before crawling into our tent for a good night's sleep. Nothing cures jet-lag like running a mountain marathon! After a relaxing morning, we rejoined Jess and Gab for a walk to the falls, recounting the race-adventure, and lunch on a sunny deck in Lauterbrunnen.

Derek and I weren't quite ready to leave the mountains so we rode the cogwheel up to Wengen, and continued on foot along the race route up to Allmend for a beer break, enjoying the fantastic view, and contemplating our fifth time, Jungfrau Marathon 2015. Eventually, we hiked back down the wall to the valley to begin the trip home after another excellent weekend of racing. Who's in for next year?