Our two weeks is flying by, without a dull moment. This week everyone has been busy with wedding tasks from cleaning to constructing, ironing to arranging. My favorite job has been hand-painting signs while the chickens keep me company and peck my toes. We've been battling swarms of mosquitoes, a big to-do list, and the pressure of making sure that everything is ready, but we took one afternoon this week to take a bike ride along the river and eat ice cream with friends, attempted a picnic until we were all covered in bites, and relaxed with some local brews.

Tomorrow is the big day, so today we set-up all the chairs, finished lighting and decorations, and had the rehearsal. Everyone has been anxiously monitoring the forecast for Saturday (and it looks good), but today the biggest storm of the summer tore through a narrow section of Illinois. As we made our way towards the house, rain came sideways, rolls of thunder, and lightning from all directions. Huge trees were downed at neighboring farms blocking the roads, but luckily nothing worse than a few fallen branches and stray chairs to gather before rehearsal began.  

A few pictures with family and rehearsal dinner at the Lodge.