the long way home

After a long breakfast at the B&B in Saint-Maximin, we started the drive home...but not the most direct route, we were making a few detours. First, walking among the ruins at Valbelle.

Our day of winding roads started with the trip up to Aiguines. We bought food for a picnic, but then got caught running back to the car in the rain.

We continued our drive along the rim of the beautiful (even in the rain) Gorges du Verdon.

The last stop of the day, medieval Trigance.

After a long day in the car, we were running out of daylight and still had a long (6 more hours) drive north to home on curving mountain roads. It's a good thing it was getting dark, or we never would have finished the drive - wanting to stop at so many appealing places. Just after midnight, we arrived home.