hiking: col du colonney (2321m)

Another beautiful Saturday for hiking. Today we started near Plaine Joux close to last weekend's departure, and hiked through vibrant colors and layered rock face to Refuge de Plate (2032m), and then made a loop to Tete des Lindars (2560m) and Col du Colonney (2321m) in the Flaine ski area.

We made our lunch stop just above the refuge. Derek retrieving his dropped sunglasses from a deep crevice. 

A stretch of clouds blew over, but only lasted a short while before the sun broke through again, but as we climbed higher, it was noticeably colder and windy. The higher summits have a new layer of snow from the past week and there was a bit of melt and a few icicles on the trail.


We missed a turn and ended up making an extra climb to a second ski station before turning back and finding the circuit back down. Luckily the daylight lasted just long enough for us to finish the tricky (wet, slick, and steep) part of the descent and we arrived at the car in darkness.