trail du pic st michel


Distance: 24 km
Elevation: +1400 m
Route: Lans en Vercors- domaine de l'Aigle la croix des Ramées Pic St Michel (1966m) loop
Conditions: Pleasant and sunny with a few clouds. Tough climbs and strong competition.
Rank: 3 femme scratch,  2:48:14 

We were up early this morning for a beautiful drive to Lans en Vercors. With little time to spare, we pinned on our bibs and lined up for the start. It was a fast start and instantly to the first climb. I felt pretty strong up to the first summit and after to a cantalevered overlook. The ascent to the highest point felt long and I knew I was starting to struggle. I soon realized there were two women just behind me (I knew there was one ahead, too) , and I wanted to stay in my place. I ran every part I could, but in the final two hundred meter trudge to Pic St Michel, they both overtook me. It hurt to drop from 2nd to 4th this late in the climb, but I planned to stay as close as I could to finish the climb and hope for the best on the long downhill. 

The last kilometers felt like they would continue forever, but finally (and suddenly) I could see the town and I was moving fast. I held onto 3rd place, and worked hard for it, only 30 seconds behind 2nd. I was really happy with the result because I had to push myself the entire race, despite ups and downs in motivation, I found a strong burst to finish.      

The competitors were strong, but as usual, friendly and Derek and I both enjoyed the challenge, the scenery, and the excitement of the day. Since we didn't have the legs to head back up the mountain, we picnicked near a landing field, watched the paragliders during the afternoon, and recounted our race experiences.