pointe des arbennes (2460m)

Starting from le Reposoir, today we made 1450m of climb to reach Pointe des Arbennes (2460m). We began up the wooded trail, reached the stream crossing, and up another wooded trail before breaking above the trees by the chalets de Méry where we stopped for lunch with a view.

We made the remainder of the exposed ascent on hard packed, icy snow, which was challenging at times, especially in the wind.

After a struggle against the wind-damaged ice-pack, we arrived at the summit, noticeably calmer than facing the gusts on the traverse. What an amazing panoramic and a surprise view on Mt. Blanc. We enjoyed our time alone, balanced on the small summit, impressed by the steep ridges and deep valleys.

View of Pointe Percée...another one for the list.

We transitioned for the downhill, and retraced our route. Carefully over the ice at first, then onto a lightly crusted layer that refused to move beneath the skis, next into a heavy sand-like texture, and Spring-like slush that continued through the narrow forest trails.