hiking: la jonction (2589m)

Today we hiked up to La Jonction, the convergence of Glacier des Bossons and Glacier du Taconnaz. The route: Le Mont - Chalet des Pyramides - Gîte à Balmat - Jonction and return the same. I am suppose to be resting and recovering, but there has never been a clearer more beautiful day. We chose a moderate hike, not a technical trail, and planned to walk slowly, stopping often to take photos and really enjoy the views. It was the perfect day to relax in the Alps and not rush over the trail (even though it would make a great run). 

It wasn't long before we had our first view over Glacier des Bossons.

A little more climb, and we were facing Glacier du Taconnaz.

The final section carried us through the rocks at Gîte à Balmat.

Soon we reached La Jonction. Wow, what a sight! The massiveness of the glaciers was almost dizzying, and the snow and ice sparkled under the cloudless blue sky. 

For about an hour, we sat, enjoyed the sun, ate apples, and identified summits from previous hikes. No running today...but I jogged a short test to see how the Achilles might feel (not too bad, but not full range of motion either). We had to start the trip back down if we wanted to reach the base before dark as the sun was already dipping toward the mountain tops. À bientôt, j'espère.