winter santé

To offset my winter hibernation tendencies, I try to go out for a few runs each week. This winter has brought more snow than usual, making it easier...or at least more fun...to be out in the colder temperatures, even on the slick days. Around the house, we've been starting to make our race plans for the upcoming seasons. I think the Tour du Canton de Geneve weekly 10Ks will be on the list again this spring, the Lausanne half was a a great course and would be beautiful in better weather, maybe another Jungfrau marathon...I have some unfinished business on that mountain. It would also be fun to run the Geneva half and Annecy, both close to home, and to travel somewhere new to run. {Any recommendations?} I also have dreams of trying an ultra mountain marathon...maybe a bit crazy...but probably awesome. 

After the Jungfrau marathon last September, I started running with a partner twice a week. That has been a good push for me to cut my pace, and keeps us both motivated through the grey days. Now that the sun is making a few appearances, I'm finding incentive to add more mileage, getting excited about the next races, and looking forward to some challenging training.