on a boat

We had an early breakfast beside the sea, and headed to Calvi. We spent a little of the morning walking around before waiting at the port for the four hour ride to Nice. 

We stopped to walk in Les Arcs before finishing the day's travel to Saint Maximin for pizza and sleep.


corsica 8: headed north

Our week has ended in Corsica, and this morning we had to leave the cottage to make the drive north to take the ferry back. We stopped to take a few photos in the morning light while packing up the car. We are going to miss the quiet bergerie.

Driving along the eastern coast before heading inland.

A little ways outside of Corte, we hiked to Lac de Melu.

Although there was clear sky behind us, we were hiking up into settling clouds and impending storm. We had nearly reached the next lake above Melu when the wind and rain started. Since we were surrounded by gray and getting soaked in the sideways rain, we decided to make our way back down to continue the day's drive. Not far from the bottom (and not on a steep section) I slipped on the wet rocks, and fell pretty hard on my elbow. Ouch, but in a few hours I regained feeling in my fingers and had good range of motion.

We made a stop in the perched town of Corte (in the sunshine) to walk around it's cobbled roads before finishing the drive to Algajola for catching the next morning's ferry in Clavi.


corsica 7: last day at the bergerie

It's our last day at the cottage, so we decided to stay put, relax by the pool, and finish our books before starting our journey toward home tomorrow.

In the evening we made calzones on the grill and wished for another week to stay here.


corsica 6: nearby

The morning is gray and cool. We set out to walk the main road through Tarrabucceta, finally explore the area near the the cottage. We walked by olive groves, sheep, a school, along long low stone walls. Our proprietor stopped his truck as he passed on the road, and told us to take a path through the gated olive grove, better than walking the road back to the house. 

We made lunch and a trip to Porto Vecchio, since it was still cloudy and getting windy. We wandered through town, and purchased a few treats to take home: more honey, myrtle liquor, orange-almond jam, tomatoes, and candied almonds to eat in the afternoon. 

The late afternoon warmed, so we left town for a nearby beach at Rondinara. We sunned on the rocks on the outside of the cove and then walked to a spot on the main beach to swim in the last patch of sun on the calm, clear water. 

We drove home on winding mountain roads, cleaned up, and made big salads topped with apples and tofu fried in honey.


corsica 5: a day on the gr20

Today we drove 45 minutes to Conca to access the GR20. We hiked the last section of trail for hikers completing the 180km trail diagonally across the island. We made our way up the trail, stopped for a quick lunch, and dropped into a narrow valley with small falls and pools to swim and sun on the rocks. After an extended break, we continued up the trail towards Col de Bavella through high forest and arid rock climbs. We retraced our steps in the fading light, took a quick stop to refresh in the pool, and descended quickly back down to Conca. I hope to come back to make the multi-day journey along the GR20.